Friday, August 2, 2013

Wesley Snipes Introduced to The Expendables 3 before a Fourth Blade Installment.

This is good to hear because from Blade to Expendables, it is not to far from the explicitness that Snipes, throughout the series of Blade films has demonstrated to be very talented in.  This doesn't mean that we might not ever see Wesley Snipes in marvel, Expendables is a very intriguing way of taking Snipes right back to the big screen.  Nicolas Cage is said to be in serious negotiations for the 3rd Expendables, could marvel want to see if Snipes still has it in him to reprise his role as Blade again? reason this is being asked is because Marvel got back the rights to Blade, Ghost Rider and Daredevil, it seems Marvel is rounding up the crew after over a decade of having lost them to various film companies.  Spider-man was rebooted in a very creative way, from this I think they can all be brought back in a good way that would please the Marvel fan base, in which ever way it turns out.  From here it's a matter of waiting as to when a Blade 4 or reboot will come into play as how Marvel has their hands busy with Spider-man, the Avengers and several other ongoing projects.  Much movement in Marvel right now, the fans just might get every request that they have wanted, might have to wait a bit, but Marvel is going hard right now it would seem to give the fan base what they want.

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