Monday, August 19, 2013

Blade 4 or Reboot? Fans Should Have a Say in it If we Want Wesley Snipes as Blade.

As a script for Blade is already prepared as mentioned in one of my previous posts, the thought does come to mind as to who Marvel will choose to be the Daywalker.  Not everybody shares my opinion on Wesley Snipes, but I did give very compelling proof as to why Snipes cannot be replaced.  Sure when you speak your mind many will agree to disagree, but let's talk Sticky Fingaz, many liked him but the fact is he failed as Blade, reason being he didn't embody Blade like Snipes, no where near Snipes skill level, all the work he did as Blade it was plain to see it was no real.  I have nothing against Sticky Fingaz, I thought he did a pretty good job, there was absolutely nothing wrong with trying to find another Blade after the altercations David S. Goyer had with Snipes working on Trinity.  When it comes to replacing Snipes you need someone who knows martial arts, someone that can move just as good or better and if not someone that knows martial arts, someone that can learn martial arts just as fast as Donny Yen learned Wing Chun.  Now when it comes to the character, you need someone who can become the script just like Snipes did and do it better then him.

Wesley Snipes did an extraordinary job as Blade, if Marvel wants to replace him they can, but I hope whoever they get can surpass Wesley Snipes embodiment of Blade.  There are so many of us that see why he can't be replaced, when someone embodies a Marvel character as good as Robert Downey Jrs' Iron Man or Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, that says to listen to the fans and keep Wesley Snipes as Blade.  I believe the smartest thing to go with would be a Fourth Installment of Blade: Blade 4 or whichever name Marvel deems fit for the franchise.  We the fans have the right to a vote in this as we are the ones that to line Marvel's pockets.  Thanks to the fans Marvel's fans, the Avengers did over 1.5 billion worldwide, Iron Man 3 did over 1.2 billion worldwide, all thanks to us the fans, so yes I do believe we do get vote.  If you think Wesley Snipes should remain as Blade Share this, tweet this, and whatever other method you know, let our voice be heard because we should matter in decisions like these.

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