Monday, August 19, 2013

Blade 4 or Reboot? Fans Should Have a Say in it If we Want Wesley Snipes as Blade.

As a script for Blade is already prepared as mentioned in one of my previous posts, the thought does come to mind as to who Marvel will choose to be the Daywalker.  Not everybody shares my opinion on Wesley Snipes, but I did give very compelling proof as to why Snipes cannot be replaced.  Sure when you speak your mind many will agree to disagree, but let's talk Sticky Fingaz, many liked him but the fact is he failed as Blade, reason being he didn't embody Blade like Snipes, no where near Snipes skill level, all the work he did as Blade it was plain to see it was no real.  I have nothing against Sticky Fingaz, I thought he did a pretty good job, there was absolutely nothing wrong with trying to find another Blade after the altercations David S. Goyer had with Snipes working on Trinity.  When it comes to replacing Snipes you need someone who knows martial arts, someone that can move just as good or better and if not someone that knows martial arts, someone that can learn martial arts just as fast as Donny Yen learned Wing Chun.  Now when it comes to the character, you need someone who can become the script just like Snipes did and do it better then him.

Wesley Snipes did an extraordinary job as Blade, if Marvel wants to replace him they can, but I hope whoever they get can surpass Wesley Snipes embodiment of Blade.  There are so many of us that see why he can't be replaced, when someone embodies a Marvel character as good as Robert Downey Jrs' Iron Man or Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, that says to listen to the fans and keep Wesley Snipes as Blade.  I believe the smartest thing to go with would be a Fourth Installment of Blade: Blade 4 or whichever name Marvel deems fit for the franchise.  We the fans have the right to a vote in this as we are the ones that to line Marvel's pockets.  Thanks to the fans Marvel's fans, the Avengers did over 1.5 billion worldwide, Iron Man 3 did over 1.2 billion worldwide, all thanks to us the fans, so yes I do believe we do get vote.  If you think Wesley Snipes should remain as Blade Share this, tweet this, and whatever other method you know, let our voice be heard because we should matter in decisions like these.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Blade 4 Will Probably Not Happen as a Reboot of the Franchise is Most Likely What Marvel Might go With.

Marvel is currently having contractual issues such as upfront pay, back end compensation, to name a few with Thor star Chris Hemsworth and Black Widow star Scarlett Johanssen and are hoping Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. has there backs. Marvel has already threatened to sue or recast when contracts and/or options are challenged, this prompted several cast members to respond "Go ahead." The company has slowly been reacquiring licenses to characters it lost in the 90's, Daredevil, Ghostrider and Punisher to name several. While it may seem like recasting the stars from the first film maybe madness, The Hollywood Reporter claims Marvel has a program it uses as a concept generator and has scripts for Blade and Ms. Marvel, it may not be a problem for Marvel as any of these characters can be rebooted and slotted into the Avengers line-up at any given time if contract issues persist. A fourth Blade installment with Wesley Snipes could lead to the Avengers line-up for the sequel, without loosing Thor or Black Widow of course. Or as previously mentioned in an earlier post, another manner of rebooting is to have Blade make a Spider-man cameo appearance to restart the franchise once more.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, I look forward to your feedback.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wesley Snipes Talking Blade 4.

Here's an interview where Wesley Snipes talks Blade 4 with the Don Cheadle (Iron Patriot), his attitude seems positive towards a fourth Blade installment.  Although it's unclear in what direction Marvel will take, whichever it may be we hope that they keep doing the great work they have been with all the stories leading up to the Avengers Initiative.  Given the right opportunity Snipes could be able to add his own creativity to the Blade franchise whether it be reboot or another Blade installment and it would make a big difference.  Since he's already seen what works and what doesn't he has field experience which a new actor wouldn't, all the more reason to keep him, he says it himself, through trial and error he has learned what works and what may work for any future ideas into Blade.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Wesley Snipes Introduced to The Expendables 3 before a Fourth Blade Installment.

This is good to hear because from Blade to Expendables, it is not to far from the explicitness that Snipes, throughout the series of Blade films has demonstrated to be very talented in.  This doesn't mean that we might not ever see Wesley Snipes in marvel, Expendables is a very intriguing way of taking Snipes right back to the big screen.  Nicolas Cage is said to be in serious negotiations for the 3rd Expendables, could marvel want to see if Snipes still has it in him to reprise his role as Blade again? reason this is being asked is because Marvel got back the rights to Blade, Ghost Rider and Daredevil, it seems Marvel is rounding up the crew after over a decade of having lost them to various film companies.  Spider-man was rebooted in a very creative way, from this I think they can all be brought back in a good way that would please the Marvel fan base, in which ever way it turns out.  From here it's a matter of waiting as to when a Blade 4 or reboot will come into play as how Marvel has their hands busy with Spider-man, the Avengers and several other ongoing projects.  Much movement in Marvel right now, the fans just might get every request that they have wanted, might have to wait a bit, but Marvel is going hard right now it would seem to give the fan base what they want.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wesley Snipes Might Not See Blade 4 Happening.

Seeing Wesley Snipes reprise his role as Blade in Blade 4 if it were to move forward would sound great, but
not many share the same opinion.  I have heard rumors of a nice method that can be taken into play at how this can be done, if not Blade 4 then a Spider-man cameo appearance would play a nice role into rebooting the Blade franchise, and in-time add him to the Avengers saga.  I also heard some rumors about some people requesting him as Black Panther, although the idea is good, he wouldn't fit the part as Panther is younger, seeing Black Panther on the Avengers sounds good as well.  The way Blade usually makes smartass comments, it would be great to see him interact with Tony Stark lol.  I can see some very good comedy being added to the Avengers.  The way Spider-man was remade, there were improvements, I can see either a fourth Blade installment or reboot then moving forward into the Avengers initiative.  Kris Kristofferson reprising his role as whistler would be great to see if Marvel were to stick with Blade 4.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thoughts for a Possible Fourth Blade Installment Might be in Marvel's Interest.

For this decade, Christopher Nolan has proven to be a very talented Director for the film industry, he has realistic visions for his films as well as being creative when bringing the comic story line to life.  Someone with similar creativity would most definitely be able to either continue the Blade saga with a fourth Blade installment or reboot the franchise depending on which direction Marvel wants the character to take.  Wesley Snipes has already said he would be up for a fourth Blade installment, if the story line is done right.  Wesley Snipes' work speaks for itself.
Can he be replaced? sure, with someone as good as him? possibly, if Marvel could find the right talent.  There would only be one problem with replacing him, replacing Snipes as Blade would be like replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.